Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bionic screen caps #1

I was watching season 1 of The Bionic Woman and Hubs and I were cracking ourselves up so I decided that I needed to make some screen caps and share the laughter... I originally made these and posted them to my FB on Nov 27, 2011.

this is the song:

Protect your booze

I thought it would be funny to put a bottle of whiskey that my sister and I were taking over to our grandparents house in the car seat...

Sad and flaccid

First there was the "sad, flaccid cactus" at the tanning salon.

Then sad, flaccid dream-catcher aka Parking lot of broken dream-catchers.

And then at our neighbourhood Canada Day carnival, there was an issue with one of the bouncy castles resulting in a... say it with me... sad, flaccid bouncy castle.

Protect your dog

My son had to do a pamphlet at school about taking care of your dog.  One of the pages was, "Protect your dog" with a boy standing between his dog and what I was told was a coyote.

As you can see, the boy says to the coyote, "You want a piece of me!"